Owl Art

Owl Art

Good Morning Owl, Good Day Owl and Good Night Owl

In April 2019 I was asked to come up with an idea for an infant schools 90th birthday party :) My idea was to design owl with large bellies and for the children to paint on round feathers, a birthday cup cake with a candle, which I would then attach to each owls bellies  - this would be shown in the schools hall and the reception area :) My owl are called Good Morning Owl, Good Day Owl and Good Night Owl :) Thank you Dunchurch Infant School Dunchurch @dunchurchinfant School, I enjoyed every minute helping the children to painting the feathers for the owls ready for your 90th Birthday Party on Saturday 4th May 2019 :) Thank you to the Head Master, all the teachers, TA's & kitchen staff :) Thank you for my meal and beautiful flowers xx Please let all your children know they did a wonderfully with their painting I am so proud of them all :) Best wishes Janet Watson Art :)#Owls #Dunchurch #90th #Birthday #celebrations#art

What a lovely 90th Birthday Party today at Dunchurch Infant School and nursery, Dunchurch ???????????? My owl art looks lovely up on the walls one in the reception area called "Good Morning Owl" and in the main hall two "Good Days Owl and Good Night Owl" :) Thank you to all the children who's paintings on circles as feathers, are on each owls bellies and they look lovely :) and thank you to everyone I really enjoyed my day xx Best wishes Janet Watson Art :)Dunchurch Nursery #Dunchurch #Owls #Owl#JanetWatsonArt #School #Birthday #90th#celerbrations — at Dunchurch Infant School.

Janet Watson Art Designs - Owl Art

Janet Watson Art Designs - I am spreading my wings with my art (excuse the pun) and now going into designing and putting artwork on items such as greeting cards and aprons etc. Creations will be available very soon :)

Children's Owl Aprons - designed and created by me Janet Watson Art :)