Janet Watson Art in the Cotswolds

Contemporary artist Janet Watson Art is very happy to be in her beloved Cotswolds with her contemporary artwork and designs. You can see Janet’s artwork in the lovely London House Antiques on Moreton-in-Marsh High Street (below). Warwickshire-born artist Janet has always loved the Cotswolds and has enjoyed visiting many places such as Stow-on-the-Wold, Bourton-on-the-Water, Upper and Lower Slaughter, Broadway, Blockley, Chipping Campden, Chipping Norton and Moreton-in-the-Marsh looking for inspiration. 

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 Janet started her art on a Valentine's Day a few years ago. Since then her art has been collected around the world in places such as New York, Alabama, Texas, Florida, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Norway, France and many places in the UK. Janet's intention with her art is to bring love, peace, joy and happiness to all around the world through her paintings. Her work is mainly in acrylic and mixed media and some with the use of gold on canvas and wood.

Her inspiration comes from self-training about crystals, the love of our countryside, wildlife, animals, flowers and our earth. She has degrees in Ecology and Earth Science and other qualifications and Janet has very different styles and collections. Janet creates unique artwork for you to own and place on your own wall in your home, business or hotel. All her art and designs are available for purchase. Some of Janet’s unique and very different collections include poppies, spinning flowers, horses, bulls, cows, underground caves - stalactite and stalagmite, marble, karst, seaside, hearts, crystal and many more. 

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