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Global Art Agency - Facebook page has posted my info and art :) Thank you :)

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Global Art Agency - Facebook page and Janet Watson Art 

I have always been creative and since school it has stayed with me and now I am showing the world my imagination in my artwork. I am a lover of the natural world and have studied many subjects including ecology, earth science, feng shui and love them all. This is one of the reasons I have found a passion in crystals, rocks, chakras, flowers, hearts and how crystals can help you. I create abstract, contemporary and modern art and I love it. I work in watercolour, acrylic, oil and mixed media on canvas board, wrapped canvas, art paper and slate etc. My art looks stunning in your homes, hotels, offices/business, cafes, and restaurants - I have sold art to as far away as Australia. Some of my other art crystal collections are; Raw Geode, Raw Fire Opal, Night and Day, Raw Crystal, Raw Agate, Raw Marble, Raw Chakra, Rocks and Pools and a lot more to come.
I will be showcasing some of my newest collection "The Secret Crystal Flower Garden" canvas originals at this Februarys Oxford International Art Fair; my inspiration came from a walk around the fascinating, colourful and stunning individual gardens (a must see-at any time of the year) each of which to me, a secret garden; at the charity Ryton Organic Gardens, Coventry in 2015 and my creative imagination started to go into overdrive. I was coming up with assorts of inspirational ideas for my paintings incorporating what I had seen at Ryton Organic gardens that day, including new plant/flower growth and the sun beaming down and glistening like little crystals. and my new artwork "The Secret Crystal Flower Garden" collection was born. I am so happy to be represented by Ryton Organic Gardens who have my prints on display in their shop, a big thank you to Ryton Organics. 
My inspiration for one of my another new collection is called “Rocks and Pools” as well studying Earth Sciences I saw in a Inspirational Photography Magazine "The National Geographic" a photo of Mollusk’s on rocks in February 2015 the photo was stunning and I started designing and putting my ideas together, I added water as in the photo there was no water, I designed my own contemporary limpets and my "Rocks and Pools" collection was born.
Next Art Events: The Global Art Agency - Oxford International Art Fair; February; 26th, 27th, 28th at Oxford Town Hall 2016. You will find me in the Assembly Rooms. I look forward to meeting you all.
If you have any questions about my art please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Janet Watson Art - My crystal art at Oxford International Art Fair 2016 Me and my crystal mixed media artwork at Oxford International Art Fair; Feb 2016 

I had a fun three days and met load of wonderful visitors and artists :) Thank you to everyone who came to visit me and to see my artwork :) Thank you to The Global Art Agency and Oxford International Art Fair and the beautiful Town Hall :) My art shop website: http://janet-watson-art.myshopify.com :) Some of my collections are: Raw Fire Opal, Raw Geode, Raw Marble, Raw Agate, Rocks and Pools, Raw Crystal, The Secret Crystal Flower Garden and Night and Day etc. :) 

These three orange canvases below sold after they were seen in my photo of me with my art from The Oxford Art Fair this Feb 2016 :) I am thinking to do more in sets of three and all different colours for each set - my Raw Geode, Raw Fire Opal and Rocks and Pools :) I will be doing commissions in the colour of my customers choosing to fit in with your home decor/business/hotel :) 

 These three orange canvases below sold after they were seen in my photo of me with my art from The Oxford Art Fair this Feb 2016 :)




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