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  1. Landscapes, Landscapes, Landscapes

    Something very new for you all to see :)

    It was suggested to me to watch a beautiful man called Rob Ross a fantastic late artist. The moment I read his story and watched him paint I became hooked, hes paintings are amazing and he was such a happy painter xx

    I am enjoying painting similar art to him as he was teaching everyone to paint like him xx I have added my own style to mine you can spot - texture and the sky and more to come watch this space xx

    Thank you very much for taking the time to red and have a look at my artwork xx 

    New Landscape artwork by (c) Janet Watson Art .New Landscape artwork by (c) Janet Watson Art xx

  2. Tree art seen in Santa's Grotto in a

    Wyevale Garden Centre


    Warwickshire December 2018

    The tree artwork, I used for my new home decor and apparel etc. Came from my red tree in the photo taken in 2018 :) I used some of my special digital sprinklings to give you a slightly different spin on my creation xx

    Ad FB (c) Janet Watson Art

    Santas Grotto at Wyevales RGC (c) Janet Watson Art - Spinning Flowers Trees

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    Best wishes and take care,

    Janet :) 


    Janet Watson Art :)