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Modern Raw Crystal Art

Unique art, modern, contemporary, abstract art full of texture and colour. Art crated on canvas and wood in mixed media including acrylic and 24k gold.

My art collections

Underground Caves - Mable, Karst, Stalagmites & Stalagmites, Spinning Flowers, Rocks and Pools, Raw Geode, Raw Fire Opal, The Secret Crystal Flower Garden, Raw Agate, Night and Day, Raw Marble, Contemporary Flowers and loads more

What does Danny Boyle and Janet Watson Art have in common - Isles Of Wonder Intro - Opening Ceremony | London 2012 Olympics.

Yes I was asked to participate in the short film seen here for part of the 2012 Olympics. I turned up at a wonderful Cotswolds pub at the beginning of the River Thames- where the the part of the film I was in took place. This was where the group of actors first met Danny Boyle. All the actors had a wonderful time filming and the crew where lovely and very helpful. Thank you to Danny Boyle and the crew for a fun day. You may spot me I am one of the actors holding the parasol with the finger on the top pointing toward the Olympic Stadium.

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